The FILA Bureau that met in Vevey (SUI) on 05 June 2010 decided the unification of the World Pankration & Grappling Committees. The decision was based upon the standardization of the competition rules and refereeing systems for Pankration, Grappling, and Combat Grappling that was conducted at the beginning of this year. Besides, most National Committees or Federations that were initially developing only one style are now recognizing all three styles and that trend gave the FILA Bureau even more grounds for such merger. The unified World Committee should allow a better communication among the members involved with several disciplines and help FILA manage the operating costs more efficiently.

The main objectives for AusPankration the coming months will be to promote Pankration, Grappling, and Combat Grappling throughout the region, and create an international competition pathway with help from the international affiliation of FILA-Grappling.

In October a combined styles competition was held and here are some highlights:

In June 2010 we held our first Australian competition and here is a highlight video:

In July 2010 we held our second event and here is a highlight video:

In August we held our third event and here are our highlight videos:

In October we held our fourth event and here is our highlight video:

In October Vic Wrestling held a Grappling event and here are some highlights: